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How to Cover your Tattoo with Makeup

Sure, you love showing off your awesome tattoo to your friends and peers, but you know that if your great-grandmother ever saw it, she’d go into cardiac arrest faster than you can say, “It’s only temporary!” Whether you want to hide your tattoo from conservative relatives, cover it up for a wedding or special event, or look more professional in your next job interview, you can quickly and easily cover a tattoo with makeup if you know what approach to take.
 1 – Clean your tattooed skin with soap and water.
To remove any oil or lotion residue from your skin the tattooed area needs a thorough cleansing. Make sure skin is clean so makeup product will adhere to the tattoo uniformly and smoothly.
 2 – Cover the tattoo with a red-based lipstick.
Use the small synthetic brush to cover the tattoo with makeup in small seamless strokes. Start with the outer area of the tattoo and brush the makeup gently but thoroughly across the tattoo.
For example, if you have an amazing daisy tattoo, apply 2 to 3 thin coats of the lipstick to the tattoo. Allow the area to dry between each individual application of the makeup.
If the red-based concealer doesn’t completely cover your blue or black ink, neutralize these highly pigmented colors with, an orange-based concealer like Smashbox, Orange Color Correcting Stick.
3 – Apply a cool-toned concealer to cover the tattoo.
Use the medium synthetic brush to apply the makeup to cover the tattoo. Use the light-colored makeup to counteract the deep red tone of the lipstick.
Use wide strokes to cover the tattoo, starting from the edge of the design in. Apply 2 to 3 thin coats of the concealer, before proceeding to the next step.
 4 – Smooth a warm-toned concealer over the tattoo.
The concealer must be an exact match for your skin tone. Again apply 2 to 3 coats to cover the tattoo. Apply more layers of makeup if the red-based makeup is still peeking through the layers of makeup.

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