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DIY Coffee Scrub Recipes

ll these years we’ve been downing coffee like it’s our job—without even realizing that putting a DIY coffee scrub on our face could change our lives as much as it does chugging it every morning.

Any cheap, easy DIY beauty recipe is golden in our eyes, and when you consider the beauty benefits of coffee—like antioxidants and exfoliation—it only makes sense to use it in our regular routines. As a natural exfoliator, coffee helps to slough away dry, dead skin to reveal a real glow.

1. Sloughs Off Dead Skin Cells
And reveals new, brighter, and smoother skin underneath. Using a coffee scrub all over your body and face during the shower automatically makes your skin soft to touch. Not to mention the invigorating aroma of coffee – it is enough to awaken your senses.
2. Helps In Improving Circulation
A coffee face/body scrub improves circulation to different body parts. Improved circulation means your cells are getting more oxygen and nutrients, which, in turn, makes your skin glow.
3. Tightens The Skin
Coffee is an excellent scrub – it clears all the dirt and dead cells from the skin and boosts cell regeneration. Scrubbing not only improves the appearance of your skin but also tightens it. The cell regeneration process also helps in reducing dark spots and uneven skin tone
4. Prevents Aging
Exposure to UV rays causes photoaging, but applying a coffee scrub to your face can reverse that. A study found that coffee grounds had a protective effect on the skin. It prevents wrinkles and fine lines and protects your skin from photoaging
5. Reduces Cellulite
Yes. Coffee helps in eliminating the appearance of cellulite on your skin. A study found that caffeine could aid cellulite reduction when applied topically to different body parts (2).
Now that you know the benefits of coffee for your skin, check out these simple coffee body and face scrub recipes

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