Best 8 Home Remedies To Remove Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Permanently

There was a time when I loathed waking up in the morning. This was because I would have to look into the mirror and see those dark circles staring back at me. But when I got to know about some simple remedies that can help cure the condition, my joy knew no bounds.

If you too are one of the many individuals tormented by dark circles, worry not, there are several home remedies for dark circles. These simple and easy-to-do solutions will not only lighten your dark circles but also nourish and hydrate the skin under and around your eyes.

What Causes Dark Circles Around The Eyes?

The unsightly dark circles can be caused due to many reasons. Find them listed below:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Oversleeping
  • Stress
  • Tiredness and exhaustion
  • Nasal allergies
  • Constant itching and rubbing due to skin conditions like eczema
  • Skin irritants in makeup products
  • Exposure to the sun (in the absence of a good sunscreen)
  • Aging

1 – Sweet Almond Oil For Dark Circles

Sweet almond oil has been proven to be very effective at minimizing the appearance of dark circles under the eye.

How does almond oil fix dark circles and lighten skin?

Sweet almond oil contains compounds like phytosterols, Vitamin E, and niacinamide (the biologically active form of niacin) which are all very effective at lightening skin. Sweet almond oil can be used to lighten dark circles under the eye, even out complexion, and treat hyperpigmentation. Additionally, the phytosterols in sweet almond oil help to stimulate collagen production (so using sweet almond oil under your eyes will also help with wrinkles and crow’s feet).

How should you use almond oil to treat dark circles?

You don’t need a fancy skincare recipe in order to experience the skin-lightening benefits of almond oil. Simply massage and lightly pat 1-2 drops of pure sweet almond oil under and around your eyes (until fully absorbed) before bed. If you do this every night, then you should start to notice results within 1-2 weeks.

(Note: One of the causes of dark circles under the eye is dry skin. In addition to moisturizing with sweet almond oil, you can also fight dark circles by staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water throughout the day.)

What type of almond oil is best for skin?

The highest quality almond oils are certified organic, hexane free, and made from raw, cold-pressed, unrefined almonds. You only want to put 100% organic sweet almond oil on your skin. Sometimes, companies will add preservatives or other additives to skin care oils which can irritate your skin (even added Vitamin E can cause problems). That’s why I always read the ingredient labels carefully and buy certified organic skincare oils (to ensure that the oil is free from pesticides and GMOs).

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