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Beauty Benefits Of Rice Flour For Skin

For fair tone, you rely on several creams and lotions. However, it is a fact that you ignore the homemade products often.

Many of you don’t understand that homemade products not only benefit your skin but also free you from several unnecessary side effects.

The market-made products are full of chemicals that can give you an instant result but hamper your skin in the long run.

Rice flour is one of those home remedies for your skin that can beat these chemical products anyday and nourish your skin from deep within.

First, let us look at the recipe for Rice flour facial Scrub:
Rice flour – 2 tablespoons
Milk – 4tablespoons ( for dry skin)
Water – 4 tablespoons (for oily skin)
Bowl – 1
Mix  the rice flour and milk/water in a bowl so that the paste is of spreading consistency.
Apply the paste to your face and neck in a circular manner.
Leave it for two minutes.
Then dab some milk/water on your fingers and redo the scrubbing.
Repeat the step again in a gap of another three minutes.
Leave it to set.
Wash it after fifteen minutes or when it dries with cold water.
Before applying the scrub remove any make up in your face and neck. The rice flour should not be very coarse, in the sense, it should not harm your upper layer of your skin.
Grind the flour if it is very coarse. You can also sieve it. The rice flour tends to thicken in a while, if so add extra milk/water to the paste. You can also substitute milk with yoghurt. For oily skin types water can be substituted with aloe vera gel.
You can use this mask once in two weeks or fifteen days.
Rice flour is a natural exfoliator because of its texture. It gently removes the dead skin cells in the skin and removes any extra sebum in it. While milk or yoghurt provides the much needed moisturizing effect to the dry skin. Aloe Vera gel help not only in moisturizing the skin but also brings a natural shine and improves the skin tone.
Now let us look at the recipe for a facial mask or pack:
Rice flour – 3 tablespoon
Rose water – 5 table spoon (for dry and oily skin)
Bowl – 1
In a bowl mix rice flour and rose water to form a thick paste of spreading consistency.
Apply the paste to your face and neck.
Leave it for fifteen minutes and then wash it with normal or cold water.
Honey can be used instead of  rose water; add a little curd to it.
The same caution that was mentioned in the scrub section applies here also.
This pack can be applied once in a week.
Rose water is a natural astringent, anti-bacterial and cooling agent. The fragrance calms the nerves in the face and neck region. Honey is an emollient, that adds shine to your skin.
Rice flour is known to absorb excess oil, lighten the skin, reduce acne and improve the complexion. It is also helpful in removing sun tan. Natural recipes take time to show the effects. Hence it is advisable to undergo the process for a considerable period of time, patiently for sustained results.

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