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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks (At Least Temporarily)

Not feeling like a tiger who’s earned her stripes? You’re not alone.

It’s been reported that 90 percent of women will get stretch marks—those thin, ropey white lines on your stomach, thighs or breasts—over their lifetimes.

The cause behind these pesky marks isn’t limited to pregnancy. They can result from rapid weight change, excess exercise, adolescence, or anything that will literally stretch or “overextend” the connective tissues under your skin. In other words, it’s a sign your skin couldn’t exactly bounce back.

“The most common reasons people get stretch marks, or striae, include puberty, weight fluctuations and pregnancy in women,” says Dr. Julia Tzu, the clinical assistant professor of dermatology at New York University’s School of Medicine. “There are other more obscure reasons that people develop stretch marks, such as long-term use of systemic steroids, and certain conditions including Cushing’s syndrome.”

If you are one of the 90 percent of women who will see stretch marks in their lifetime, here’s how to remove stretch marks for good, while bravely baring your bottom in lingerie all year long.
Are there stretch mark removal methods that do not work?
1 Forget the tanning bed. 
Because the inner part of your skin, called the dermis, is torn during the 1 formation of stretch marks, the epidermis will not darken like upper skin layer. Using this method to remove stretch marks will cause you to look like a zebra instead of a beach bunny.
2 Slathering cocoa butter on your skin,
 to remove stretch marks, is a faulty beauty myth. Cocoa butter is a sweet-smelling moisturizer that is the antidote to dry skin, but there is no scientific evidence that proves that cocoa butter works as a stretch mark removal treatment.
So how do you get rid of unsightly stretch marks?
Note: Stretch marks are much easier to treat when they are new.
All methods suggested below will be impacted by the color of your stretch marks, your diet and skin tone. Also, some of these recommended products will not remove the stretch marks entirely, but they will help to diminish their appearance.
Most importantly, it’s the massaging of the skin that typically softens the appearance of the stretch marks, and will eventually get rid of the unsightly striations. To see results you must massage the area 2 to 3 times a day.
1 Fight purple or red stretch marks with African shea butter and natural wheat germ oil.
According to WebMD, one study found that the use of natural wheat germ oil in the early stages of stretch mark formation works well.
If your stretch marks are darkly colored and have not turned white or silver, shea butter works well. But you must use the authentic stinky, smelly, nutty shea butter that comes directly from West Africa.
How do I know?
I tried this method to remove my stretch marks three years ago. And hallelujah, it worked!
After three weeks of constant rubbing the thick and greasy mixture into my skin, every morning and every night, my stretch marks disappeared.
Unfortunately, no watered-down and aesthetically pleasing shea butter formulation will work to remove stretch marks that have already turned white.
2 Consider a medical procedure like chemical peels, lasers, and dermabrasion.
Your licensed dermatologist can perform these procedures, but not without a high cost. Laser treatments used to remove stretch marks, like  V-Beam and  Fraxel, stimulate collagen production to normalize and tighten skin.
These treatments can cost between $400 to $1,000 per session.
When your stretch marks are pink, red or purple, they respond best to Vbeam or Fraxel laser treatments. But once, the marks turn white, four to five Fraxel treatments are the best methods to remove them for good.
Treatments for dermabrasion range from $75 and $200, while $150 to $300 is the norm for chemical peels.
3 Use stretch mark removal creams filled with retinol, glycolic acid, and Vitamin C.
Your dermatologist can prescribe scar creams that will help in the aid and repair of your skin.
While several over-the-counter stretch mark removal remedies claim to remove the tears in the dermis, very few, contain the high doses of alpha hydroxy acid needed to remove stretch marks effectively.
If you are pregnant, consult with your dermatologist, before using any over-the-counter treatments to remove stretch marks.
4 Try Bio-Oil to reduce the visibility of stretch marks.
This Amazon bestseller, with over 5,000 reviews has an advanced formulation to improve the appearance of scars, uneven skin tone and stretch marks.
Containing the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil, this amazing beauty product, is the  #1 selling scar and stretch mark oil in 18 countries and winner of 224 skincare awards.
For some, Bio-Oil is truly a miracle oil.
If you consistently apply this oil to your stretch marks, you will have good results.
But, due to potential irritation and botanical allergies from the fragrance, you should perform several skin patch tests to avoid any itching, inflammation or side effects.
But if all the treatments listed above fail,

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