How To Have Long And Beautiful Nails

Nails need special attention, so you finally get an attractive and soft appearance that completes your application, without blasting or yellowing, in a healthy way that accentuates your beauty, so do not underestimate my dear with the natural recipes and mixes that nourish your nails and help to grow them fast.



Olive oil and lemon

– A teaspoon of olive oil

– A teaspoon of lemon juice

Place olive oil and lemon juice in a bowl with a microwave to keep them warm for a few seconds, then Soak  your nails for 10 minutes, then wipe your nails with a cotton cloth.

Repeat the mixture twice a week to feed your nails with vitamin C, which is available in lemon, while olive oil removes yellow nail spots and nourishes your nails.

Orange juice with almond oil

– A teaspoon of almond oil

– A tablespoon of orange juice

Mix the ingredients with each other, soak your nails for 10 minutes, and then scrub your nails with water.

The juice is repeated once a week. Orange juice helps to reduce nail damage. It also stimulates the production of collagen, which helps to grow nails. Almond oil works on the softness of the nails and gives it an attractive pink color.

You also have to consider these things who limit the length of nails:

– Lack of drinking water.

– Non eat foods containing vitamin C and important minerals such as calcium.

– Frequent washing of hands, specifically washing dishes without wearing gloves.

– Lack of care of nails, and the absence of moisturizing creams.

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