Top 10 Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Start by painting on your base coat. Make sure the base is dry before you coat your top colors. It’s good to try uniform colors such as green for your nails. This can give you the full effect of zombie nails. Compared to skull nails. You can be more creative and free with the zombie nails.



It is important to plan out what you want your zombie nails to come out. You can try painting on blood splatters with the red polish as well as scary eyes and stitches. You can also try cutting off some masking tape to shape them as protruding teeth from your nails.

6/10 – Top 10 Halloween Nail Art Ideas
The outcome of your zombie nails depends on the theme you are working on, when you are only showing one hand in your costume then you can go for blood splattering on your nails. Or you can customize claws and add protruding eyes for effect. The grosser the better fit for your zombie nails.
7/10 – Top 10 Halloween Nail Art Ideas
Just bear in mind that you should be comfortable with the nail art you choose for Halloween. Make sure that the nail art does not chip easily and will not damage your costume in any way. It would be bad if either one of your nails or your costume will get damaged when you are out there trick or treating.
8/10 – Top 10 Halloween Nail Art Ideas
Last but not the least, don’t forget to enjoy! Halloween only comes once a year and the best way to pull off a costume is to feel good about it and also feel good about yourself. Go out there an spook everyone with your one of a kind Halloween nail art!
9/10 – Top 10 Halloween Nail Art Ideas
Quirky and funny looking pumpkin inspired Halloween nail art. Make use of gradient nail art techniques and add glitters and ribbons on your nail for effect.
10/10 – Top 10 Halloween Nail Art Ideas

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