6 Vitamin C Rich Foods Increase Vitamin C in Body

 Vitamin C is a necessary vitamin for human being your body system can’t work in a proper way if you face vitamin  C deficiency in your body. People really need balance vitamin C in their body for spending quality of life without any health problem. The deficiency of Vitamin C is really dangerous for body because if anyone has chronic vitamin c deficiency problem so it has on higher risk of cancer. Vitamin C is really important for body skin you skin looks so ugly if you your vitamin C level is low in your blood. Now you can easily balance vitamin C in your body by eating rich foods that increase vitamin c in your body. You can get knowledge from the below of 6 foods & fruits that help to increase Vitamin C level in your body.



1) Guava:
Guava is best fruit for increasing vitamin c level in body. This is really beneficial fruit for those people who really need to increase vitamin c in their blood on urgently basis so they can easily increase from natural remedy by eating guava on regular routine.


2) Red & Green Peppers:
Red & Green Peppers are really reliable food for developing vitamin c level in body. The doctors prescribe their patience to eat red or green peppers for overcoming from vitamin C deficiency issue. You can add red and green peppers in your daily meal for improving vitamin c in your body.


3) Strawberries:
Strawberries are really delicious fruit for eating and it also provides facility to increase vitamin c level in body. If anyone eat strawberry fruit on normal routine so they never get to face vitamin c deficiency in their body and it also helps for increasing hemoglobin of your body as well.

4) Kiwi:
Kiwi is also really beneficial fruit for improving level of vitamin c in human body. It gives more than 160mg vitamin C of your body by eating just single piece. You don’t need to take any vitamin C medicine for increasing it because now you can easily manage level of vitamin C in your body by eating Kiwi.


5) Orange:
Every health conscious person knows that oranges is perfect fruit for increasing Vitamin C level in body and mostly doctors recommend to eat oranges of their patience for overcoming from illness. Orange available winter & spring seasons so you must need to add orange fruit in available season for increasing vitamin C level in your body. There are multiple reliable juices companies also provide orange juice in every season of year so you can also drink orange juice in off season but mostly try to eat fresh orange in your normal routine life.


6) Papaya:
Papaya is really healthy food for human being and it provides multiple vitamins of body. It is really efficient for those people who face hair losing or constipation issues. Papaya also gives opportunity to increase vitamin C in your body and you can balance vitamin C in your body by eating Papaya atleast weekly basis. This is really an efficient for health and you secure your inner body system by eating papaya.

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