Add Turmeric powder to your beauty routine ad see the results!

The golden yelow powder known as turmeric is having a big importance in the world of beauty, In stead of putting it on spices rack some people use it in some pretty gorgeous ways into their skincare and beauty tips, for a glowy skin.  Turmeric has multiple proven health benefits, including being antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, … Read more

Hair: 5 common mistakes you might be making during winter!

During winter weather most of us notice that her skin is damaged and less moisturised, so it’s no surprise that it’s hard to hair as well, When weather becomes cold it sucks the moisturise of your skin, body and hair, So in this post you can find the most commun winter hair mistakes you may … Read more

Get rid of blackheads with this one magical ingredient


Though blackheads are nothing to stress about but who doesn’t desire a clear and flawless skin? Try these simple DIY remedies  just in case you’re affected by blackheads. Baking Soda and Water for BlackheadsYou’ll need: baking soda water Preparation time: 3 minutes. Process: Combine equal quantities of bicarbonate of soda and water to make a paste. Using lukewarm water, wash your face thoroughly. Apply the paste all … Read more