How To Do Simple Makeup for Sensitive Eyes

Irritation is common problem, experienced by people who have sensitive eyes. This problem can make the everyday work difficult and sometimes unmanageable. For women with sensitive eyes, applying eye makeup might be a skillful task. If makeup is not applied properly, then problems, such as eye redness, irritation and itchiness might be encountered.

Here, we give you a few practical tips for eye makeup for sensitive eyes to stay away from the above issues.

Clean Your Brushes:

One of the most important tips for sensitive eyes is that you should always keep in mind to clean your brushes regularly. Because dirt gets accumulated as you are using the brushes, so using unclean brushes might lead to eye infections. Clean the brushes using a mild soap or shampoo and leave them to dry on a clean cloth or a towel.

Creamy Shadows:

People with sensitive eyes always have a problem with powder eye shadows. Unlike the powder shadows, which flake, the creamy shadows are more suitable since they do not flake. You also need to stay away from the glittery or shimmery eyeshadows, because they would even more irritate your sensitive eyes.

Avoid Lining Your Inner Eye:

Many makeup artists recommend using white kohl pencil to line the inner eye line, in order to make them appear bigger. This would look good, but unfortunately people with sensitive eyes should avoid lining the inner eye. People with sensitive eyes should always use a liner or pencil outside the lash line.

Choose The Best Products:

You need not worry if you have sensitive eyes, you can still apply the best eye makeup for sensitive eyes. Today a number of brands manufacture products, especially to target those with sensitive eyes. But you still need to be cautious in choosing such products. Always try some brands until you find the one which suits you the best.

Replace Your Products Often:

Many of us might throw the products when we haven’t used those after a few months. But doing so can really help your sensitive eyes. Even though you had kept them clean, there is always the risk of bacteria getting into your makeup products. It is always best to replace, especially your eye products frequently to reduce eye irritations.

Primer And Foundation:

Primers and foundation not only help in keeping your makeup in place, they also act as a shield between your sensitive skin around your eyes and makeup. There are specialist primers and foundations available for eye area, which are sheerer and smoother than the ordinary ones. But also choose the right eye makeup for sensitive skin by choosing right products and blending them gently on your skin before applying your makeup.

Gentle Touch:

Sensitive eyes should always be treated with gentle care. Along with using clean brushes, you should always clean your hands before applying eye makeup. Irritants get transferred easily to your eyes, so being hygienic would help avoid such problems. Also try avoiding rubbing your eyes when removing and applying your makeup.

Always Remove Makeup:

Many of us have the habit of forgetting or feeling lazy to remove our makeup often. But this should not be the case if you have sensitive eyes. You should always make it a point to remove all the makeup in your eyes using a mild cleanser or with a makeup remover. By removing the makeup you also protect your eyes from all kinds of infections or dirt getting inside it.

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