How To Prepare Corn Flakes With Chocolate

 Corn flakes, are a food product derived from corn. It is a dish made of cooked corn with sugar and vitamins. The dough is flattened and roasted in the form of familiar chips usually eaten at breakfast and served with milk. It was invented in 1897 in Michigan (United States) by John Kellogg.

What do you think of making chocolate corn chips for your family? Here’s how:


Ingredients of corn flakes:

– 4 cups of corn flakes.

– 450 g of dark chocolate sweetened and soft.

How to prepare corn flakes with chocolate:

– Place the corn flakes in a large bowl and then overlay it about half the amount of chocolate.

– Mix my heart using a spatula until the chocolate chips cover evenly.

– When the chocolate starts to hold, add the remaining amount to the mixture until a second layer of chocolate is formed over the corn flakes.

– Form small blocks of the mixture quickly on a piece of paper in a baking tray. This step should be quick so that the formation process is easy before the chocolate is formed.

– The Chinese can be put in the fridge for 5 minutes until the chocolate sticks more but should not be left over 10 minutes.

– Chocolate-coated corn flakes are kept in a sealed container in a cool, dry place for up to two weeks.

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