How To Use Henna For Hair treatments

Henna is popularly accepted as a natural hair dye. With patience and dedication, you can not only cover grey hair strands but also add a gorgeous shade to your existing hair color.




  • Invest in a packet of pure henna powder, preferably of the body-art quality.
  • Take the quantity of henna as per your requirement, in a container, preferably in an iron bowl.
  • Add freshly brewed warm tea liquor and whip it up to prepare a thick paste.
  • Add a few drops of lemon juice and leave it on overnight. Refrain from adding lemon juice if your skin is sensitive or you are allergic.
  • Add coffee powder to the mixture before you start applying the henna hair pack on the following day.
  • Always wear gloves while you apply henna on hair.
  • Make sure that the pack is evenly applied.
  • You may use a shower cap to wrap your hair.
  • Allow your hair to absorb the goodness of henna for about three or four hours.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly with water and make sure that no trace of the henna pack is left behind.
  • Follow up with the application of nourishing oil like jojoba oil or olive oil.
  • Shampoo your hair on the next day.
Your hair loves to be pampered. With the following tips and trick, you can use henna for addressing your beauty needs in the most effective way:
Henna Hair conditioner: If you want your henna hair pack to act as a natural conditioner, add yoghurt and a raw egg. Your hair becomes, soft and shiny! If you don’t like the smell of eggs, add more yoghurt into your henna mix.
Henna nourishing hair pack: Add amla powder, hibiscus powder and shikakai powder to your regular henna mix. It is going to help in promoting growth of healthy hair and the pack nourishes your hair.
Henna anti-dandruff hair mask: Two spoons of methi seeds (fenugreek seeds) should be soaked overnight. Grind them and mix them with henna leaves that have been boiled in mustard oil. Let the solution cool down. Filter out the coarse particles and apply it on your scalp to get rid of dandruff.
Henna is extremely good for hair. Try using henna twice every month to reap its best benefits. Keep your henna recipe simple and refrain from overloading it with hundreds of additives. Henna has stood the test of time and it is time you start using it as a part of your hair care programme.

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