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the Beauty Benefits of Honey Are Real

We’re gonna go out on a limb here and guess that, like us, you have experienced at least a handful of DIY beauty treatment disasters. Beauty bloggers sure have a way of making all those fruit/oatmeal/salt/oil masks seem like the best thing to happen to our skin since Botox — but the end result is typically a huge mess and a pile of disappointment. But don’t give up on homemade skin care just yet, because turns out good old-fashioned honey is the real deal — and you can keep your treatments with it super simple.

“Raw honey is incredible for your skin thanks to its antibacterial properties and hefty serving of skin-saving antioxidants,” natural beauty expert Kim Wallace, founder of, told us. “Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive DIY solution or a powerful skin treatment, raw honey can help you regain your glow.”

What are the benefits of honey?
First, honey is the fastest and strongest known natural energizer. It helps to have a good tone and energizes. The substances it contains are very easily assimilated by the body receiving the honey not only the calories they need, but also minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Then honey is a powerful natural anti-infective, acting on major systems and appliances in the body, from the digestive tract and airways to the skin and mucous membranes. The most rapid and potent known natural energy product of the hive This is a powerful stimulant of digestion and metabolism, aids in the intestinal tract, helping to prompt removal of toxins from the body. Last but not least the honey is useful in maintaining the balance of the endocrine glands helping to regulate the main activity of hormone-producing body. Honey can be used as a prevention of diabetes – recent studies done in many countries shows that total replacement of sugar with honey in the diet leads to a 60-70% decrease in the rate of diabetes. Especially in the diets of children and young people it is best to use honey as the sole sweetener because it helps prevent diabetes juvenile, not otherwise easily cured by current means.

Obesity – recommended also total replacement of sugar with honey that does not deliver the same addictive as usual zaharicalele. Recent research shows that over 60% of obese worldwide are practically addicted to sugar, especially products containing it (chocolates, cakes, juices, candy, ice cream). Honey, this dependence does not appear.

Dental caries – is due not only bacteria attached to the tooth enamel, but certain metabolic disorders, according to several studies by sugar consumption. Since the advent of sugar in the diet, after 200 years, the emergence of diseases such as tooth decay, diabetes, obesity has increased exponentially. Today, tooth decay is the most prevalent disease in the world, 98% of the world population suffering from it. If you want to curb the phenomenon caused this issue, completely replace sugar with honey.

Constipation – prevents very effectively by daily consumption of honey. The dosage is taken every day is two teaspoons of honey, and fresh liquid as possible (and the year respectively).

Osteoporosis – occurs when the body no longer synthesized enough estrogen hormones which play a crucial role in fixing calcium in bones. All honeys contain small amounts of royal jelly, the richest natural substance in this hormone. Therefore, daily consumption of honey provides a systematic body that help hormones, helping to prevent disease.

In treating allergies, honey can be given as a preventative as early as six months before the allergy sufferer normally experiences symptoms. For acute symptoms, honey will effectively take care of a cough better than over the counter medications with a daily dose.

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