Trigger fingers, do they have damage?

Fingers are harmful, but many people clap their fingers. They do so in anger or emotion, or just for fun. This habit may become part of their behavior that is difficult to change.


A study conducted by a team of radiologists at Belfast hospital confirmed the damage of the fingers to health. The researchers explained that those who used to crack their fingers are severely damaged in the joints and joints of the fingers, there is a thick liquid between the joints to protect these joints from friction each other , As well as the role of the shock absorbers, and then when the crackling of the fingers pulls Otloi joints and move out of the natural position, and then this fluid is subjected to pressure and expansion, resulting in a cavity or vacuum in the liquid, forming gas bubbles grow and explode quickly.

Doctors warn of damage to the habit of healthy fingernails, which may lead to:

– Shaking of the hand during the carrying of any purpose due to a chronic defect in the joint makes the person unable to move his hand properly.

– In the case of a lot of bang or also called addiction to crackling fingers, they lead to premature aging.

– Distort the beauty of your fingers and hands in the long term where the fingers become more large and a large contract and reduce the softness of your hands.

The habit that causes trouble over time has to be stopped. The bad results of finger-tapping will not be noticed quickly and directly, but they result from repeated behavior.

After you know the damage usually pop fingers tried to get rid of this bad habit of healthy life safe.

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