Hello to Looking Forever Young, Say Good Bye to Under Eye Wrinkles

Happy, sad, worried or positive, your eyes are part of every expression that you make and the skin around it suffer as a result. There are many other causes of under eye wrinkles and repeated and exaggerated facial expressions is just one of them.

What Causes Under Eye Wrinkles

 Everybody hopes that aging could be just like a walk in the park but, it’s not and it never will be. Apart from your weakening bones and arthritic joints, you’re also forced to contend with aging skin and your diminishing self-confidence as you grow weaker and more wrinkled. To get to the bottom of your eye skin issues, you must first understand what causes your eye skin to age before you can learn how to reduce under eye wrinkles more effectively. Here are the basic causes you need to know about:

1-Your eye skin’s physiology makes it more vulnerable to aging than any other part of your face. Your eye skin is very thin and delicate. There is a thinner layer of fats in these parts, providing your eye area with little cushion to resist injuries as well as damage that can be caused by environmental factors. Moreover, there are very few oil glands located in these parts, making this area highly susceptible to chronic dryness and, therefore, increases the risk of developing wrinkles.

2-Sun damage. The sun’s rays are composed of light with several wavelengths. The ones that affect your skin are UVA and UVB. Combined, these cause your skin to become damaged both on the surface and deep inside your skin. Sunscreen provides a ton of work but, it will never be enough to provide ample sun protection. You need to identify other strategies to protect your skin.

3-Poor nutrition. Insufficient nourishment on the skin and inside your body negatively impacts the way your skin looks and feels. Eat right, exercise, and follow a skincare routine that is appropriate for your skin. Make sure to keep your skin well hydrated inside and out all day.

4-Stress and lack of sleep. Negative energy, negative thoughts, negative emotions coupled with insufficient sleep drags your body, including your skin, to doom. Stress can literally make you old. Therefore, if you’re serious about making your skin’s youth last for another decade, you have to learn to think positive and to better handle your stresses. Also, learn to relax. Take prolonged breaks and take that annual leave — you’re every inch worth it.

5-Strained and dry eyes. Most people forget that what happens to their eye skin is related to their eye health. If you have poor eyesight, you have a strong tendency to squint, and if you get dry eyes, your eye skin will tend to dry out as well. Get your eyes checked and use prescription glasses if you need to. If you prefer contact lenses, make sure to use these only as recommended, plus handle with care and handle only with clean hands.

More eye goodness

Other than negating the causes of under eye wrinkles listed above, below are other tips that you should try to clear your skin and promote its youthful radiance:

1-Exfoliate. Whether you DIY or schedule a professional procedure, it cannot be stressed enough why exfoliation is a key strategy for promoting wrinkle-free skin. Exfoliating boosts your skin’s mechanisms for repair and rejuvenation, causes collagen fibers to be produced more rapidly, and renews your skin much faster.

2-Use an eye cream. Adding an eye cream to your skincare regimen can have significantly beneficial impacts to your eye skin, depending on the objectives and formulation of your product, that is. Some eye creams work better as skin brighteners, others are wrinkle treatments, while others are formulated to provide protection.

3-Use an eye mask. Like an eye cream, using an eye mask boosts your eye skin’s health by a thousandfold. Soak your skin in ultra hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and honey, and lighten and revitalize your skin with ingredients like antioxidants, Vitamin C, and kojic acid. Whether you prefer to concoct your own eye mask or, purchase one from your favorite beauty bar, make sure to properly observe recommended use for the ingredients included.


4-Apply aloe vera gel. Aloe vera has been demonstrated many times to facilitate faster skin repair with a dearth of studies done on burn patients with severely injured skin. Aloe works with your skin’s natural mechanisms for repair and renewal to make your skin heal and regenerate faster. This way, it makes up for the void area in between your skin fibers which causes wrinkles and fine lines to appear on the surface of your skin. Don’t use aloe vera sap if you do not absolutely know what you’re doing because it may cause irritation and infection.

5-Schedule a procedure. If you’re 40 and over, make an investment for your skin. Mature and aging skin requires a serious boost — period. For skin that has been seriously compromised, you need more drastic measures. You don’t have to be afraid, you don’t really need to go into full surgery to get the skin you desire if that is your goal, anyway. Plastic surgery may still be an option for those who elect it and those who need more extreme measures to correct their aging skin.

For improving under eye wrinkles, however, there are a number of non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures that you can choose from. Find out more about radio frequency therapy, ultrasound therapy, microdermabrasion, and laser skin resurfacing and what each of these can do to make your under eye wrinkles much less visible.

Forever young? It’s impossible, many would contend but, it’s not just about the wrinkled skin everybody eventually wears but, what the more essential parts of you are made up of — the whole of your heart, body and soul. After all, wrinkles are no superficial skin issues, its causes run across several aspects and that’s a fact you cannot afford to ignore.

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