How can I prevent myself from eating at night?

Because of the many disadvantages of eating at night from weight gain and “rumen,” you must have wondered one day, “How can I keep myself from eating at night?” So .. Here are some tricks that help you to prevent yourself from this fatal error in your right!

– Clean your teeth: You may consider this trick very silly, but did you ever eat chocolate after cleaning your teeth with toothpaste with hot mint? So clean your teeth with a paste with a stinging taste and then chew it with a solution too noisy so that you do not crave food afterwards!

Empty your Freeze and  cabinets: If you do not have your favorite foods in front of you, you will not go out of your house at night to buy them, so take the food out of your eye so you do not want it.

– Eliminate yourself from watching television: take advantage of this when you reach an advanced state of eating at night, because we unfortunately prisoners usually eating popcorn and fatty foods in front of the television.

– Being active at night: The main reason behind eating without feeling hungry is boredom, so do not take his prisoner Leave your activities for the night to work yourself.

– Drink water and juices: Drink plenty of water and juices. It makes you feel full in your stomach and delay the feeling of hunger.

Finally, you must realize that feeling hungry at night is the main source of psychological stress and boredom, so always try to follow your thinking about boredom and eat other things.

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