You will not believe the benefits of swimming with cold water in the treatment of depression

Treatment of depression may take a long time. But the irony is that it was discovered, by   chance,Swiming in cold water is a way to avoid antidepressants.



In the BBC documentary series entitled “The Physician Who Described Medicines,” the program featured a 24-year-old woman shot in very special circumstances: she was suffering from depression and was described by her doctor Christopher Van Take a weekly swimming session in cold water. A somewhat unusual recipe!

“Sara has been undergoing treatment for severe depression and anxiety since she was 17 years old, but her symptoms were resistant to the main treatment, and the drugs she was taking made her look like a chemical cloud, “Said a researcher at London University College.

After four months of this unconventional treatment, she stopped taking antidepressants and the symptoms of depression disappeared. “This led to an immediate improvement in mood after each session, a marked and gradual decrease in the symptoms of depression, and as a result decreased, and then stopped taking medicines,” the researchers said. A year later, Depression no longer affects Sarah.

Globally, there are about 300 million people suffering from depression. According to the doctor, prescriptions for antidepressants are high. “In the real world, antidepressants are taken for several years, and the overall analysis of the effectiveness of these drugs, published in the Lancet, has been done from this perspective for only eight weeks, so researchers are looking at alternatives,”

Benefits of cold water
For several years scientists have been busy studying the dangerous and not useful aspects of diving in cold water. The shock of feeling cold water with the skin can cause an immediate drop in body temperature and accelerate breathing and heart rate, which is why this technique is dangerous for people with certain diseases.

In contrast, diving in cold water can strengthen the immune system, reduce muscle inflammation, stimulate blood circulation and help relax. According to Dr. Christopher Van Tolliken: “Ideally, if your body is adaptable to cold water, your stress level will also decrease in the face of other daily stresses, such as driving anger, fear of exams, or job loss.”

However, one person’s cold water is not enough to demonstrate the effect of this on the treatment of depression. The cause may be spontaneous or spontaneous due to a placebo. So researchers need to do more research on other people to see if swimming in cold water will have the same effect on other patients.

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