7 Natural Stress Relief Tips

Here are 10 Good ways to Relief Stress in your Life.

Doing little things along your Way during your day every day will make your life more fun and lift your spirits.

It can and usually does relief stress.

You can accomplish these steps just by setting your mind to it.

Too much bad stress in your life can cause medical and social problems that can be avoided.

1. Eating Pumpkin

Experts say eating pumpkin at least two times a week can help your body relief stress,eating pumpkin can help the body shed stress. Pumpkins contain magnesium which acts as a natural stress reliever for the body.

2. Drink Caffeine in moderation

Caffeine in your coffee can add to your stress, the caffeine can give you the jitters. Try drinking decaf coffee in the morning and see if it helps. Instead try drinking tea in the mornings, in fact switch to an herbal tea. There are several good tasting natural teas that you can choose from that are very good for you..

3. Take 10 For a breather

Take a breather, the most important thing for stress relief is to give yourself a moment to back up and take a deep breath. Take 10 they say. You might not be able to get away for long, almost everyone can give up 20 to 30 minutes a day to replenish there body, soul and spirit.

Taking a deep cleansing breath it is very good for you.

4. Work out / exercise

Lite to moderate exercise the experts agree at least 10 minutes a day is all we need to help us live longer and relief tensions in our day. It can be hard to find the time, but it is well worth it and if you make the effort you will be pleased in more ways than one. The stress goes down and so does the numbers on your scale. This is a win, win and easily accomplished.

5. Go outside/soak up some rays

When ever possible eat your lunch near a window or go out of doors the sun shine and fresh air will do wonders for you, it clears your mind and the fresh air can relieve the stress.

The sun light is very good for body and soul.. Take a walk on your lunch break this is good for your heart as well.

6. Treat yourself

Treat Your self to a facial,massage or pedicure it will refresh you beyond believe. We all get caught up in the long hard days. Most people forget to take a breather and relax. It is important to our health to step back and take a moment to collect your thoughts. People have learned the hard way, that if they don’t take a break it can and will take a toll on your body.. This can lead to heart ache maybe stroke, or mental and physical break down if you don’t learn to slow down and take time for your self.

7. Apply pressure

Apply pressure to the fleshy skin between your thumb and fore finger for about 30 seconds this has been prov-en to be helpful in relieving stress.

8. Laughter

Laughter is definitely a stress reliever and good for your over all health. Go to a comedy club or watch a comedy on television. Haven’t you ever been with a friend that makes you laugh and you walk away in a better mood and you love being with that person, good for the soul, learn to chuckle at even the small stuff.

9. Express Your Self

Write your feelings down, talking to a friend or expert will relief the stress, getting it out will help you evaluate the situation and gain prospective.

10. Get rid of negativity

Take a hard look at the circle of friends or environment you’re around.

Negative energy can be contiguous beware of who you are listening to, be sure to put positive thoughts and positive people in your path.

Don’t forget to take 10.

It is important for our over all heath to step back and take a moment to collect ones thoughts. People have learned the hard way, that if they don’t take a break they could break down physical or mentally.

Take these easy steps and chill. One deep cleansing breath can change your out look.

I was born In Mobile, Alabama, so of course, I have deep southern roots. I love the southern author’s, that write just like they talk.


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