How to Know Green Tea Fat Burner Side Effects with 4 Tips to Consider

The obesity rate all over the world is rising especially in America and many people are looking for ways to loosen fat naturally or surgically. Natural ways of getting rid of fat includes controlling and choosing the right food, exercise, taking fat burners and drinking teas which promise to help reduce fat.


Drinking tea to get rid of fat has been used for hundreds of years already. But just like any other fat burners, green tea although natural has also some side effects. This should be taken seriously to know what you are dealing with and be aware of the symptoms related to your taking of green tea fat burner. Here is how you will know about green tea fat burner

Tip #1: Know where green tea comes from.

This is a substance produced from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis. Most teas are made using a fermentation process, but green tea does not. Leaves of green tea only undergo little oxidation which makes green tea powerful as an antioxidant.

Antioxidants work by scavenging and neutralizing free radicals. Free radicals are toxic substances present in the bloodstream that contributes to aging and diseases. Green tea has been known to Asian countries like India and China as a beverage that fights aging. In the modern world, green teas are also taken in the form of capsules as supplements.

Tip #2: Ask if it is safe to consume.

Green tea is considered safe to consume, according to Food and Drug Administration. But this doesn’t mean that green tea is proven to be effective for weight loss. Some people say that green tea is a virtual miracle cure for many forms of diseases including cancer. But the FDA has stated that no study or research has shown that green tea reduces instances of cancer. The FDA however did not deny nor support the effectiveness of green tea as a weight loss supplement.

Tip #3: Know what is inside green tea fat burners.

Slimming tea companies advertise fat burner teas that contain green tea as the primary ingredient. According to these companies, green tea will suppress your appetite and speed up metabolism. This may be true because green tea contains caffeine which is known as a great stimulant and with metabolic significance. Most of these slimming teas contain herbal stimulants as well. Researchers claimed that polyphenols-antioxidants are responsible for fat burning effect, but these claims have not been authenticated yet by the FDA.

Tip #4: Learn why it is popular.

Green tea is so popular among consumers maybe because they seem to produce minimal fat burner side effects compared to other weight loss products in the market. Although popular, these can also pose a threat since there is no regulation of the product and it often contains additional stimulants.

 Some users reportedly became jittery and dehydrated after using green tea fat burner. Dehydration is the most common effect due to the diuretic effects that green tea can give. Persons who are sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants will need to check with the doctor first to know if green tea fat burner is safe to use.

Just remember that just because you don’t feel any fat burner side effects after taking green tea doesn’t mean that you can take as many green tea fat burner pills as you want. Always follow your doctor’s order and the right dosage.


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