Swallow This, Fall A sleep Almost Instantly, Stay Asleep, and Wake Up Refreshed

Sleeping disorders and various sleep-related issues are constantly on the rise, currently affecting millions of people from all over the word.  Insomnia is one of the most common forms of such sleep disturbances, and it has profound consequences for both your mental and physical health.

The good news is that there are therapies of different sleep disorders and unhealthy sleep habits available, which have been found to work for most people. 

The remedy presented in this article is one of those effective therapies which restores your sleep naturally and helps you wake up refreshed and in a good mood.  Hence, if you were looking for something that will help you wake up happy and invigorated, look no further!

The best part is that it uses only three ingredients and it`s extremely simple to prepare. Check it out!


1 tbsp of coconut oil
¼ tsp of raw honey
1/8 tsp of sea salt

How it Works?

All of these ingredients provide a wide range of health benefits, but when combined, their effects are even more enhanced. They work in synergy to relax your mind as well as to prevent cortisol spikes, which is known to be the root cause of your waking up during the night.

Coconut Oil:  It provides an energy

boost and a feeling of satiety, which prevents both blood sugar spikes during the night and feeling of hunger early in the morning.

Raw Honey:  Although honey is naturally sweet, it doesn’t raise sugar levels! It supplies the brain with the needed amount of glycogen, which is very important since low glycogen levels lead to an elevated secretion of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, both of which cause sleep problems.

Sea Salt:  It works on multiple levels. First, it reduces stress right upon consumption and increases the production o feel-good hormones. It has been also shown to relieve depression, which is yet another cause for difficulty sleeping. Low salt levels in the body can often lead to drooling, so people end up awakened by the drool all night long. Luckily, sea salt increases salt levels in the body and prevents drooling.

How to Use It?

Option 1:

Mix the coconut oil and honey first, and then stir in the sea salt. Take a spoon of the mixture and have a glass of water afterwards.

Option 2

Take the raw honey and coconut oil separately, and have a glass of water after.  Then, stir in the sea salt in a glass of water and drink it right once dissolved.  If you wake up during the night, take the remedy once again and you`ll fall asleep in a matter of minutes.


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