How To Get Rid Of Dark Lips Fast And Naturally At Home

Natural rosy lips are one of the attractive points of both men & women. However, not anybody has naturally rosy lips. Some people have dark lips and they want to lighten them because dark lips make them feel less self-confident. So what are the reasons causing dark lips? They may be an allergic reaction, chewing tobacco, high caffeine intake, hormonal imbalances, excessive smoking, use of low-quality cosmetics, and excessive exposure to direct sunlight. Therefore, if you want to lighten your lips, some lip care products are the first and the best choice. But it may cost too much and even the result may not be as good as you think.


Lemon Juice

If you want to get rid of dark lips, the easiest and the best solution for you, in this case, is the lemon. It contains bleaching properties that make it become a powerful remedy for dark lips. Here is the detailed instruction which you ought to follow in order to lighten your dark lips:

  •     Firstly, take a lemon
  •     Next cut it into two halves
  •     Then squeeze its juice
  •     Finally, apply this juice on your dark lips before you go to bed
  •     Follow this remedy once every day in one or two months to enjoy your naturally rosy lips

Lemon And Sugar

“Thanks to the bleaching properties in lemon, it can help to lighten your dark lips.”

That is the reason why lemon is said one of the best tips on how to get rid of dark lips naturally & fast at home. If you want to have rosy lips at home, let’s follow these steps below:

  •     Firstly, take one thin slice of lemon
  •     Next sprinkle a little sugar on top
  •     Finally, rub it on your lips
  •     Use this treatment once per day in a few weeks to get your expected result

This treatment will also help you to exfoliate dead cells. As a result, the new and fresh skin will appear.

Lemon Juice, Honey And Glycerin

Lemon contains bleaching properties which can help you to get rid of dark lips. Meanwhile, honey can help to moisturize your lips. Now you ought to prepare these things if you want to follow this treatment:

  •     A half teaspoon of lemon juice
  •     A half teaspoon of honey
  •     A half teaspoon of glycerin

This is how to do this treatment:

  •     Firstly, mix all the ingredients well together
  •     Then apply this mixture on your lips before you go to bed
  •     Finally, leave them on overnight
  •     Follow this treatment once every day until you notice the positive result.

Rose Water And Honey

Both rose water and honey can moisturize your lips. In addition, rose water contains soothing and cooling properties. Besides, rose water can add a natural pink tint to the dark lips. What you need to do is mentioned below:

  •     Firstly, add some drops of rose water to some drops of honey
  •     After that, mix them well together
  •     Finally, apply this mixture on your dark lips
  •     Follow this method three or four times a day daily until you get your expected result.

Rose Petal And Milk Cream

Another treatment which also helps you get rosy lips is the combination made of rose petal paste and milk cream. Just like rose water, rose petal includes cooling, soothing as well as moisturizing properties. Now if you want to get rid of dark lips, you had better follow the specific direction below:

  • Firstly, add a teaspoon of milk cream into a tablespoon of rose petal which you grind into a paste
  • Then mix them well together
  • Finally, apply this mixture on your lips and scrub gently.
  • Do this process twice a day
  • Repeat every day until you get rosy lips

If you don’t have milk cream, you can use honey or butter instead.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has a lot of important nutrients as well as moisturizing properties which can help your lips look more beautiful and softer. And it will make your lips vibrant and lively. Here is the detailed direction which you ought to follow in order to get rid of dark lips:

  •     Firstly, take an enough amount of olive oil
  •     Then apply this oil on your lips
  •     Finally, massage your lips gently
  •     Follow this treatment once a day before you go to bed
  •     Repeat every day so as to enjoy your rosy lips

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