How To Do Makeup Evening

The makeup of the month has a special nature different from makeup any other occasion, the experts say the beauty in a small piece of information that “a little of it a lot,” in reference to that the makeup of the month should be simple and calm.

Tips to help you in the right way to put on makeup:

• Make more shiny and shiny make-up, taking care not to exaggerate.

• Use a shiny gold mike if you want to show your neck. Many makeup does not guarantee you shine throughout the party, as it may become stained over time.

• Make sure that the beauty and makeup of the eyes are highlighted by the touch of the maskara and the I-Liner.

• Put simple touches of blusher and powder on cheeks to highlight their beauty.


• Put the lipstick on your lips and be careful to put it in your bag while heading for the occasion or the evening. The makeup of the evening depends mainly on the lipstick.

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