How To Get Beautiful And Attractive Eyes?

The beauty of a woman lies in the beauty of her eyes, but there are so many factors that make the eyes look tired and fatigued.
To keep the eyes attractive, follow these tips to get brighter and more beautiful eyes.


Here are a bunch of tried-and-true ideas and tips, including:

• Exfoliate the mineral water on the face and eyes before applying cream or make-up, as the water refreshes the face and closes the open pores.


• Wash the eyes every morning using rose water; to remove the effects of fatigue and stress, rose water is a natural tonic to revitalize the skin and face in general.

• Zinni eyes with natural lotions such as eyeliner and avoid chemical preparations that hurt the eyes.

• Remove eye makeup using a special eye lotion.

• Get plenty of comfortable sleep for at least 8 hours a day.

• Take 6-8 glasses of water a day to keep your eyes moist.

• Take care of fresh fruits and vegetables daily to provide the natural nutrients necessary for the health and freshness of the body.

• Eat healthy foods that contain vitamin A, B, iron, zinc and magnesium. These are available in milk, tomatoes, spinach, nuts and liver.

• Doomy to exercise that benefits the muscles of the body and face.

• Avoid exposing the eyes to harmful sun rays for long periods and directly, and if you have to be exposed to the sun, it is recommended to wear sunglasses suitable especially in the summer.

• Treat the eyes using the fingers of the index finger, from the outer corner under the eyes to the bone of the nose, and then repeat this step again on the upper eyelid to the eye until reaching the outer corner of the eyes.

Try these tips and you will not regret and you will notice the difference yourself, you will be the sweetest eyes bright and attractive.

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