How to use a coffee mask for hair

It seems that the brown adorable, or coffee, has exceeded the limits of the kitchen and entered the world of beauty from the widest door, this delicious and multi-benefit drink can be used for the last shaft, after drinking coffee can be used as residues hair loss as well as the skin and body, Advantages appear as soon as you wash the hair and remove the catcher.


Here are the steps for putting the coffee mask into the hair:

– The coffee cup holder does not need any preparatory steps. You should use the Turkish cup of coffee (or American coffee) and place it on the hair from the scalp to the sides.

– Gather your hair, lips and staples with a bundle or clip for at least 15 minutes.

 – Wash the hair with water well and add a cup of apple vinegar diluted with a water cup and add it to the hair to get rid of the effects of coffee fully and add gloss and sparkle to your hair.

– Wash hair with shampoo and water.

Finally, try the coffee mask for the hair as quickly and without hesitation.

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