The Obligation To Healthy Food is a Necessity After Weight Loss

If you have fought for months, if not years, to get rid of them. Finally, your body becomes graceful and you move lightly, because you are also beginning to feel a wonderful and lively card.

But instead of getting lured you have to consider, weight loss is not like increasing it, as everyone who has experienced it knows.

 The increase is much faster and easier than the reduction, because it creeps quietly and pleasure without feeling at all until he begins to get tired of his tight clothes on his body or the narrowness of himself and similar symptoms and signs.


The problem that some suffer from is that they can not change their unhealthy lifestyles permanently, and feel as soon as they reach their diet as if the fitness has become their right no matter how they devoured biscuits or taken from glasses of local juice and others.

And this is what experts warn him by saying that whenever you return to the bad eating habits, your weight back to what it was, and specifically warn about what is known as the “diet of the yo-yo,” ie weight loss for a period and then increase again, and so on, knowing that no one is infallible of this The mistake, the Oprah Winfrey directory, which, despite being available to a private cook, a personal coach and all women’s dreams of fitness and beauty, has not escaped, to the extent that she has devoted links to him over the years.

The solution is a change, not just a way of eating, but a whole lifestyle change. Gurdron Brents, a food consultant at a German public health insurance company, says the successful fundamentals of maintaining weight are continuing physical activities and eating balanced foods. After dieting, the important thing is to continue to eat several small meals a day with some exercise, including In that walk.

She adds that you should weigh yourself regularly and eat only when you feel hungry.

Margaret Murlo, spokeswoman for the German Food and Diet Association, had another opinion, blaming the media for making her body size and weight matter an issue.

 She points out that the women who appear in the media are skinny, graceful and beautiful, presenting themselves as “ordinary” women. This leads many women to follow this ideal model, paying particular attention to their bodies, and may be aware of this at the expense of the health aspect. Their priorities when losing weight, according to her opinion.

Perhaps this is what the victims of yoyo are signing because they are starving themselves for quick results, rather than having a proper lifelong diet that may take some time before giving results, but at least lasting longer.

She also says that women who have managed to lose weight but have not been able to maintain the level of weight loss, find the cause and understand how it happens, because many of them distinguish between fatigue, fatigue, frustration and hunger, especially if they suffer from a vacuum.

For this reason, Murlo suggests that women who tend to eat food out of boredom and emptiness should pursue a favorite hobby or set a goal for them.

It is important for a mother who cares for her family not to forget herself and get enough rest and free time to devote herself.

Lucia Beverdeckamp, ​​spokeswoman for the German Association of Independent Health Counselors, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that the environment around the person could facilitate or hinder his lifestyle and some bad habits.

 A life partner can be helpful when he helps, and vice versa if he comes from work late and asks for a dinner, he wants his wife to share it on the grounds that she is opening herself, or that he does not tend to eat alone.

If a partner does not help, she says, women should look for help, such as a friend or members of a fitness or nutrition society.

Beverdecamp points out that one of the reasons for the failure is also the development of a very ambitious weight loss program, the result of which is not achieved, a sense of frustration and a decline in motivation. In this case, Beverdecamp recommends keeping calm and judging the mind, based on the fact that the setbacks in weight loss are normal, so instead of fear of failure, it is best to accept the situation, reassess the goal and feel self-confident and continue working to make the necessary changes.

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